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1 centesimo di Euro

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1 centesimo di Euro (Moneta)
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Al centro della moneta il profilo dell'Estonia. Sopra il millesimo e sotto la scritta "EESTI". Intorno le 12 stelle simbolo dell'UE. Faccia Comune
Edge: liscio
Nominal: 1 Eurocent
Material: Acciaio ricoperto di Cu
Diameter: 16.25 mm
Thickness: 1,67 mm mm
Weight: 2.3 g
Axes: german axis rotation
Years Cod Mint Author initials Author Notes Rarity Mintage Images
2011 E-EES/1-1VantaaLL Lembit Lõhmus
Luc Luycx
50.000 pezzi in Divisionale FDC
3.500 pezzi in Divisionale PROOF
CC32 053 500
2012 E-EES/1-2UtrechtLL Lembit Lõhmus
Luc Luycx
CC25 000 000
2015 E-EES/1-3VilniusLL Lembit Lõhmus
Luc Luycx
CC14 000 000 
2016 E-EES/1-4VantaaLL Lembit Lõhmus
Luc Luycx
20.000 pezzi in Divisionale FDCNC20 000 
2017 E-EES/1-5VantaaLL Lembit Lõhmus
Luc Luycx
C9 000 000 
2018 E-EES/1-6VilniusLL Lembit Lõhmus
Luc Luycx
5.000 pezzi in Divisionale FDCNC500 000 
2019 E-EES/1-7KremnicaLL Lembit Lõhmus
Luc Luycx
CC10 000 000 
Total:90 573 500 

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